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木新路二段42號, , , 116

It’s 2 AM and I’m starving so where do I go? To the 24 Hour Breakfast place, of course. Situated near NCCU, the 24 hour breakfast shop has a normal aura, but the customer service there is what makes the place great. I like the idea that I can get my r ...

市民廣場及仁愛路四段, ,
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大家情人節吃完大餐了嗎?吃完晚餐不知道要去哪裡嗎? 可以去台北市民廣場及仁愛路四段的「2019台北光之饗宴Luminarie光雕展」逛逛、幫女友拍些浪漫美照 . 「Luminarie」光雕展源自義大利,之前也有在歐美、日韓等國展出,華麗夢幻的光廊長達300多公尺,21個絢爛璀璨拱門,並搭配古典樂,讓大家除了視覺欣賞還能有聽覺上的享受 . 這活動從過年期間到情人節至元宵節才結束,大家趕快把握時間前往拍照留念打卡吧 . 活動時間:2/5~2/19 點燈時間:平日19:00~22:00;假日18 ...

No. 47號, Section 3, Muzha Rd, Wenshan Distric, , , 116

A popular Dumpling Franchise in Taiwan, which is located in almost every major city. However, the service is not always steady in every location. This particular shop, though, has fantastic customer service. The owner is friendly, and makes a special ...

No. 1, Lane 1, Section 4, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, , , 10491
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506 S Washington Street, , , , 60540

This old-style Burger King is located close to Naperville's Historic District. Built in the 60s, it has survived the rapid urban development of the 80s and 90s, and looks almost exactly the same as it did almost 50 years ago. It also has a river-walk ...

2373 S Archer Ave, , , , 60616

80% of Connie's allure is their atmosphere. It's just a great place to go and eat pizza. Their pizza is unique and tastes good, but there's something about their location and restaurant atmosphere that puts it over the top. Located close to Chinato ...

台北市信義區忠孝東路五段33號, ,

Great food, but an acquired taste. The place is clean and good customer service, and you get the meal quickly. Convenient because it's located a block away from the MRT Station.

No. 268, Sec. 1, Jiuzong Road, Neihu District, , , 114

As one of the busiest CostCo supermarkets in the world, they are always jammed packed with customers. Sometimes it feels more like a subway car during rush hour than a superstore. It's also a fantastic place to get a cheap pizza or hot dog (drink incl ...

瑞光路513巷37號, ,

The idea of creating your own pizza from an a wide selection of toppings sounds so appealing, especially in Taiwan. However, if the sauce and spices are not made right, then it doesn't matter what toppings you have. That's the problem with CreAfe' Piz ...

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I’m too nervous to talk 12341234 I am new

No.8, Sec.5, Zhongxiao E Rd, 7F, Uni-UStyle, , , 110

Great place to bring a date! Very nice atmosphere and located on the 7th floor of Taipei City Hall MRT Station. The selection on the menu is wide, and the food is typical. It's not a bad place to meet up with some friends.

221 North Columbus Drive, , , , 60601

Filini Restaurant is the main eating area for the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel. Centrally located next to Millennium Park, the Prudential Building, and Michigan avenue, it is a good meeting place for friends connecting downtown. There is a large seating ar ...

No. 103, Gangqian Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114, , , 114

Just a regular steak at a regular price.

Garcia's Pizza in a Pan
313 N Mattis Ave, , , , 61821

Maybe the Best Pizza I've ever had in my life. There would be days that I would dream about this pizza in Chicago, then grab a bunch of friends, and within an hour, we would be on a two-hour road trip down south just to get a couple slices of their piz ...

Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza. Probably Top Five in the World. It's delicious. Whenever I go back to Chicago, the first day that I get of the plane is eat a Medium Size Deep Dish Pizza from Giordano's. So much Cheese, so much Sauce, so much Flavor. I ...

No. 105, Keelung Road, Sec. 1, ,

This Japanese restaurant has a night-time aura, with their unusual lighting on the outside, and the soft lighting on the inside. It gives the place a strange mystique. The food is reasonably priced, and they even have English Menus! That is always a ...

信義區基隆路一段149號1樓, , , 110

They have a great duck or chicken rice meal for under $5, and it will fill you up fast. The food is great, and it has a wonderful atmosphere if you feel like meeting with friends. As for the customer service, it is about 50/50 depending on what staff ...

3841 East Main Street, , , , 60174

Jimmy John's Vito Italiano is the bomb! And their barbecue potato chips are one of a kind. There was a time that I could eat their sandwiches everyday, but then their delivery service quality diminished and now I only eat them 3 times a year. They ...

No. 145-2號, Section 1, Keelung Rd, Xinyi District, , , 110

This a great place for Dessert, but if there's a particular item you want, then get there early. Towards the evening, they let the stock run down (and try to use all their inventory), and then you can only pick what is available. And sometimes that dess ...